Is It Wednesday Yet?: 11 December 2007


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drq: You perfectly summed up my feelings about Scott Wegener's art on Punisher War Journal #14. He's a wonderful artist with a very bright future, but PWJ was rushed, there's no doubt about it. (Either that, or he was super nervous, what with it being his first Marvel gig.)

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I've been archiving my contributions to IIWY? on my Blogger account, and got a comment this week from Scott Wegener himself regarding this review.

To say I was rushing to meet a deadline would be an understatement of galactic proportions. :)

Hopefully I will remember to check back and see if you notice this comment, but in the very likely event that I totally forget to let me say; excellent critique. I felt the same way about my art.

Lucky for me I had the very talented Mr. Fraction to draw attention away from my rushed work. LOL

Very cool!

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