Is It Wednesday Yet?: 18 December 2007


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This e-mail just arrived. I'm posting it because it (sort of) concerns your review of Mighty Avengers #6, drq:

I've been reading online reviews of MA #6 to see if any reviewer notices two glaring errors which also appear in the preview released last week.

The first error is in Pym's description of the virus. Bendis apparently confuses the age of a computer system with the datedness of the system's software, and ignores, or doesn't know about, cross-platform compatibility issues. The result is that it's absolutely impossible for the virus to run within Ultron if it doesn't recognize (isn't compatible with) the software. The model of computer Pym used doesn't matter.

The second error is that Bendis misuses the term "reverse engineering." Bendis's intended meaning versus the actual meaning is somewhat humorous, if one thinks about scientists trying to disassemble human tissue--but Bendis (and certainly Brevoort) should have known what "reverse engineering" means.

Note that this is the second time Bendis has had Pym misspeak concerning scientific issues. The first time was in HOUSE OF M #8, when he has Pym refer to Newton's Third Law of Motion instead of conservation of energy.

FWIW, I haven't seen any reviewer catch the two errors yet.

Steven R. Stahl

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