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The game I still don't get has been delayed until Fall 08:

Let me get this straight, you make a level, and have your friends race through it. Along the way they might put their own graffiti all over it. I would get bored after a day, and definitely after I go through a level plastered with penises. There is no structure, no objectives, just build and race through. It does look pretty though.

Anyone that doesn't know about this game watch these clips:

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It's a fun, cute game. The online isn't working right now because I don't think they've turned the servers on yet. That's going to be the fun stuff. The controls are a little strange, and not as precise as you would want. Sometimes it's hard to jump where you are aiming for.

As I was first playing it I thought it's like Super Mario on steroids. You even go behind the scenery for shortcuts and to find items. You are basically rushing through the level to get to the end just like Mario, but there are lots of items to grab as you do it. The items are stuff to help you build your own levels or dress Sackboy so the first few times you aren't rushing but trying to find everything. I really wish you could run faster as Sackboy is fairly slow. Of course if he did run faster the game would be more like Sonic at times.

So far I haven't fought any enemies, just avoided some ghosts that kill you on touch. The opening credits are the best credits sequence I've ever seen. It's done in engine, as you run through the level. It's like Monty Python meets You Can't Do That on Television.

If I have anything else to add I'll do it as I play more.

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