X-21 Star Fighter VR. 1.01


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Hey guys this is my Lego Sig Fig's Star fighter, Yah took the pics awhile ago so it is not up to date.... Pretend we are back in time when the previous modle was upgraded into what your about to see....

My Sig Figs StarFighter

Hey guys! I am starting to upload some of my old mocs and show you guys! Uhh yah so here we go. Oh and I have updated this alot and I have been lazy by not taking pic's! But you will get them eventually!

The main pic. Wow I pwn at taking pic's


The Main engine, Power Compartment and a secondary cargo area


The main thrust. The center (Imperial Logo) is the main engine the others are booster's


The main cargo bay, sensory data compartment and another secondary cargo compartment


Any way now onto some other info on this Fighter!

The x-21 was made custom by Doug7172 for personal journeys through space ( It cannot break the atmosphere with out using all the fuel so it is normally carried by a freighter) and the world (It is really met to be a racer converted to a fiter, personal jet and finally it was space equiped). It is equipped with excellent features.

ENGINES: x-24 custom made turbo injector with 4 x-47 custom booster’s

WEPONS: Two energy repulsion phaser Guns and sub “LIGHT” guns

OXYGEN: 5 air tanks with each a self activated rebreather that converts carbon dioxide to Oxygen

SHIELDS: 51 AA Custom generating repulsion generater (Basicly just repels small laser, simular to the A-wing but 10 percent stronger)

POWER: E,N,C Energy Crystal

EXRAS: Radar cloaking device, Engine AA Dampening fields (makes the X-21 silent)

EDIT: Sorry about the link, the forum wont let me post the pics.....

Edit: The webpage can be found here: http://doug7172.webs.com/x21starfighter.htm

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