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Fatal Frame Wii Revealed

Nintendo working with No More Heroes director.

by Anoop Gantayat

January 30, 2008 - Following Monster Hunter, the next series to make the big platform switch for the new generation is Tecmo's spooky Fatal Frame series. Tecmo held a press conference in Tokyo today to announce its upcoming lineup, and the biggest news was first details on the Wii version of Fatal Frame.

Titled in Japan "Rei: Tsukihami no Kamen," the new Fatal Frame game is a major collaborative effort for Tecmo. Nintendo will publish the game and is also lending its support on the development end. Key staff members include Keisuke Kikuchi as producer and Makoto Shibata as director, both veterans of the series. But joining Shibata in the director's cubicle is Grasshopper Manufacturer's Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51), who recently completed work on No More Heroes.

Although a two minute CG trailer was shown at the press conference, Tecmo kept the specifics to itself. Kikuchi did reveal that the key words for the game are "memory" and "moon," and "mask," and that the image color for the game is yellow. He also stated that he believes the Wiimote and the horror genre to be a perfect fit.

Nintendo exec Shinji Hatano was in attendance at the event and said "Nintendo will be handling sales, and we intend to actively promote [the game]." Hatano also confirmed a planned Japanese release for some time this Summer.

Source http://wii.ign.com/articles/848/848539p1.html

That's cool as I've actually wanted to play this series on the PS2, but never got around to it sort of like Silent Hill. Anyone on here ever play previous games and confirm that it's been any good?

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Killer, I'll actually have a horror game to look forward to then. Maybe I'll try to find that one Fatal Frame game I had my eye on long time ago, it was only $9.99 I believe but had bought way too many cheap games at the time and didn't want to be playing anymore. Also happy to see that Suda 51 is still working with Nintendo, as I've really liked their previous Nintendo games in No More Heroes and even Killer 7.

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If you're only going to pick up one of them, pick up Crimson Butterfly, which is the second one. It used to be cheap, but due to to its current rarity, I wouldn't expect to find any of them for less than 30 bucks these days.

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I saw Fatal Frame II for the regular X-Box inside a video game store a couple weeks ago, but held off on it at the time because I only have a 360 and am not very sure how compatible X-Box games are with the 360. Anyone have an idea how to figure out what games are compatible with the 360 or what you need to do to make them as such?

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