X-Force #1 (2008)


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Before the Peter Milligan / Mike Allred reboot, the only time I read X-Force was when issues tied into larger events, such as "Fatal Attractions," "Phalanx Covenant," the Onslaught saga and "Operation: Zero Tolerance." Maybe it was the impossibly large guns, exaggerated bodies or silly poses, but of all the X-books Marvel was publishing, X-Force was the one which never caught my eye. Even when the series hit the road and made the Liefeld era a thing of the past, I couldn't be bothered to care. So then, why did I buy into the hype leading into this new X-Force series? And more importantly, did the first issue live up to the hype?

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/reviews/c/marvel/x-men/x-force-01

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