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February 25th, 2008, LOS ANGELES – Radical Publishing, publicized at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, has announced the release of Hercules #1 and Caliber #1, for May of 2008.

In a bold move to introduce these premiere titles to the public, Hercules #1 and Caliber #1 will be offered in it’s first printing at the low price of $1 while being printed as a 32-page premium stock softbound prestige format package with cardstock covers.

“We feel that once the comic buyer gets past buying a book from a brand new publisher and sees the high quality of writing, artistic work and production that Radical offers, that they will look to continue with the series and seek out our other titles,” stated Radical Publishing’s Publisher and Co-founder BARRY LEVINE. “We feel that the $1 price tag of Hercules #1 and Caliber #1 will spur people to make that initial leap.”

Issues #2 and the rest of both miniseries will go on sale for $2.99, and both series continue monthly.

Hercules (DCD# MAR083922), which reinvents the popular mythical story of the half man/half god warrior whose only solace lays in bloody battlefields, was visually created for Radical Publishing by the potent combination of JIM STERANKO, IMAGINARY FRIENDS STUDIOS and WETA WORKSHOP (King Kong, Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia).

JIM STERANKO has created the main cover for Hercules #1, as well as a special sketch incentive cover for issue #2, with an exclusive limited run.

Hercules is written by STEVE MOORE, famous for his work in Warrior Magazine, 2000AD and his collaborations with ALAN MOORE (ABC comics and the novelization of the Wachowski brothers V for Vendetta adaptation).

Interior art is being done by the awe-inspiring IMAGINARY FRIENDS STUDIOS, known for their work for companies such as DC COMICS, ELECTRONIC ARTS, TOP COW, CARTOON NETWORK, WIZKIDS and UPPER DECK.

“This isn’t going to be anything like the popular television show of the 1990s. Expect this Hercules to be a dark and conflicted character, more in the epic vein of FRANK MILLER’S 300; a mixture of myth, legend and historical accuracy,” says LEVINE.

Hercules will run as a 5 issue miniseries, each issue containing 32 pages.

Caliber (DCD# MAR083921) is the unconventional telling of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as a Western set in the Pacific Northwest.

With all of its great symbolism, magic and spirit of adventure, this tale is that of an engraved six-gun, given to Arthur by an Indian shaman and imbued with supernatural power to fire only by the one who will use its power for the right reasons.

“This story doesn’t faithfully follow the Arthurian myth and it is such great fun to see how SAM takes twists and turns leading the reader down a meandering path of thwarted expectations and surprises,” says LEVINE, “The Magnificent Seven was never like this.”

Caliber is created and written by SAM SARKAR, Director of Development at JOHNNY DEPP’s production company, Infinitum Nihil.

Imaginary Friends Studios’ artists GARRIE GASTONNY and STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU have created fully-painted cover art for the miniseries, while Gastonny has continued with breathtaking, fully-painted interiors. Caliber will also run as a 5 issue, 32 page miniseries with issue #1 containing 31 pages of interior story, adding an even greater value for a $1 book.

Hercules #1 and Caliber #1 are featured in the March 2008 Diamond Previews and will ship in May of this year. Hercules #1 has a Diamond code of MAR083922 and Caliber #1 has a Diamond code of MAR083921.

About Radical Publishing

Radical Publishing is founded by BARRY LEVINE (a producer on Rogue Pictures Blood on the Tracks, and executive producer for the in development Warner Brothers Rex Mundi movie, written by Jim Uhls (Jumper, Fight Club) and starring JOHNNY DEPP and Universal Picture’s R.I.P.D), his protégé JESSE BERGER, and longtime writer, illustrator, and publisher DAVID ELLIOTT (Atomeka Press and Tundra Publishing).

Radical Publishing is set to bring the best in writing, storytelling and fully-painted cover and interior artwork to the global comic book market by prominent international talents such as YOSHITAKA AMANO, JOHN BOLTON, LUIS ROYO, JIM STERANKO, STEVE NILES, IAN EDGINTON, STEVE MOORE, SAM SARKAR, DAN ABNETT, STJEPAN SEJIC, DAVE WILKINS, STEVE PUGH, JAMES HEFFRON, NICK PERCIVAL, BRYAN EDWARD HILL, NELSON BLAKE, GLENN FABRY, BILL SIENKIEWICZ, WETA, IMAGINARY FRIENDS STUDIOS, and many more.


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