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ABC is set to announce shortly that its late-night "Jimmy Kimmel Live" broadcast will integrate live commercials into each episode of the program, subject to interest on the part of advertisers. The first live commercials are expected to begin in May.

The technique is a throwback to the early days of TV, when programs were produced live and advertisers often sponsored shows in their entirety. The practice went out of vogue in the 1970s, when most programs were taped and had multiple advertisers.

But now, live spots are seen as a way to stand out, just as the official yardstick for measuring ads on network TV has shifted to commercial ratings. Advertisers also think live ads may be one way to beat the DVR by integrating the product into the content of the show. Last May Garmin, maker of car navigational systems, aired the first live commercial on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" in 14 years.

What do you think, good or bad?

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It's gonna be annoying, but no more annoying than everyone taking a minute to enjoy a nice, refreshing Snapple in the middle of a story.

DVRs and online viewings are forcing the networks to come up with this stuff. Get used to it.

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