Devil May Cry 4


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For a series that only began last generation, Devil May Cry has shifted quite a bit in quality. The first game was an absolute joy, putting you in control of a loudmouthed badass named Dante as he slashed his way through a demon-infested castle. The combat was polished, the story was fun and the bosses were brilliant. The sequel, however, was considerably less fun. Taking the gameplay out into open areas, whilst an interesting idea, wasn't anywhere near as fun as navigating through DMC's claustrophobic environments. Boring enemies, easy bosses and bland environments didn't exactly help matters either. After the poor critical reception of DMC2, Capcom decided to have DMC3 follow more closely to the original. The combat system became deeper than ever, and Dante was given a huge number of weapons and fighting styles to play around with. Though, the difficulty was considerably ramped up, it was a nightmare for newcomers, especially since it lacked any real kind of tutorial.

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One more thing: Aaron's review of Devil May Cry 4 is the sixth video game review has published in 2008. Last year, throughout all of 2007, we only published five. So in the first four months of this year we've surpassed the whole of last year!



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