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Thanks Dubs, just want to apologize for the delay. I just haven't had the voice to record for the past few days (side note, invest in whatever company makes Halls, they're sales are going through the roof), but it's starting to turn around and we WILL be back in two weeks with the Kaleido Star review.

BTW The Big News of the past 2 weeks:

-Bandai gets Gundam 00 (no big shock since they get EVERY Gundam series), Gurren Lagann (which they took from ADV, who had a financial problem earlier this year).

-Bandai also got the license for Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, now while the series has been released in North America, Bandai plans to give it a new dub which hopefully will be good.

All the releases can be viewed right here.

For those who don't feel sifting through it all, or just see a whole bunch of gibbrish, here's my picks for the upcoming weeks.


-Hell Girl Vol. 2 (4/29) Early in the series and you don't miss much early in this one, the manga also has some bonus stories not featured in the anime.

-Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 17 (4/29) Yes it's quite aways into the series and I am not exactly a fan, but this series has a huge following and there's definetely a reason for it, if you are a fan of any of Studio CLAMP's works (Card Captor Sakura, Chobits just to name 2) you will likely enjoy this series. Perhaps picking it up from the start would be advisable if possible.

-Crayon Shin-Chan Vol. 2 (4/30) Lame animation and a whole bunch of toilet humor make this series what it is. It's absolutely hysterical to watch this dysfunctional family bantering about. Definitely worth a check.

-Dragon Ball BIG EDITION Vol. 1 (5/06) An omnibus collecting the first 3 volumes of the manga, $18 is a very good price for this classic

-Dragon Ball Z BIG EDITION Vol. 1 (5/06) See above.

-NANA Vol. 10 (5/06) I say again with this one you may want to start at the beginning. The next volume in an absolutely gripping Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll romantic comedy (you read that right) series. Trust me this series in all its forms will be reviewed in an upcoming episode of the Podcast (anyone with a decent knowledge of the Japanese Language can figure out when).


-Death Note Vol. 4 (4/29) Just in case I haven't gone on record with this, this series is fucking amazing. But this show, buy it on DVD, buy it in manga form and watch it on Adult Swim or YTV.

-Kujikibi Unbalance Vol. 1 (4/29) What happens when a nerd-centric series gets a huge following, it gets a very nerdy spin-off. The formerly fictional favorite show of the cast of Genshiken gets a real anime. What's more? An episode of the Genshiken OVA is included in the DVD!

-Lucky Star Vol. 1 (5/06) Some call it the Seinfeld of anime, some call it a tribute to moe, some just say it's downright hilarious. Four girls and their adventures talking about anything from food to school and of course, a lot of anime. (I think it may have more obscure references than any series I've ever seen, save for Genshiken of course).

See you in 2 weeks.

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