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It took nearly ten years for Blizzard to announce the sequel to the popular StarCraft. Could the long-rumored sequel to the equally well-regarded Diablo also be in the offing?

Diablo3.com and I-Mockery.com owner Roger "Mockery" Barr recently announced that Blizzard had contacted him about acquiring their domain name. Blizzard appreciated the site's contributions to the Diablo fan community, Barr said, but Blizzard still wanted the domain. He also said that the site wasn't going anywhere, but would be soon changing its name to Diablofans.com.

In acquiring the domain from Barr, Blizzard cautioned that their interest in the domain name shouldn't be considered an announcement for Diablo 3. "They acquire new domains all the time," Barr said. However, he went on to say that he didn't think that Blizzard was merely protecting its intellectual properties, and that he believed that Diablo 3 was now in development.

Diablo fans have been waiting for a sequel to the bestselling Diablo 2 since the Lord of Destruction expansion pack was released in June 2001, marking nearly seven years so far between Diablo titles. However, Blizzard is known to hold off on announcing new games until they are well into development. WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne was released in 2004.

Any potential announcement would most likely be at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational event in Paris on June 28th and June 29th. Until then, Diablo fans will have to sit tight a little longer before they can take on the Great Evils once more.


We all know they are going to make it. The problem is that unlike most companies, they don't like to spread out their teams to put work on multiple projects at the same time. I think after Starcraft 2 and the WoW expansion are done they will announce this one.

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It's been rumored for so long. I can't see it coming any time soon with Starcraft 2 and Lich King in the work. Maybe afterwards but it seems like it's at the bottom of their list. I'm hoping Too Human quells my loot obsessed gaming craving.

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My first online experience was with Diablo. I remember a guy yelling for help, and running to the level only to have him kill me the moment I walk in and take my stuff. It put me off online gaming for a long time. I figured everyone else were assholes and hackers. While a lot are indeed assholes, they pretty much have the hacker thing taken care of in most online games.

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