Huge fire at Universal Studios


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A Los Angeles fire official says a large fire is burning on a lot at Universal Studios.

Filming may have been going on at the time the fire broke out early Sunday on the Universal Studios back lot.

Los Angeles fire Capt. Frank Reynoso says the blaze was reported just before dawn Sunday on a sound stage on a back lot. There are no immediate reports of injuries.

Reynoso says filming could have been going on at the time and that there has been at least one explosion. He says the fire is contained to the back lot, and firefighters are working to ensure the flames don't spread to nearby brush.

About 100 city and county firefighters are helping studio firefighters tackle the blaze.

I'm watching it on the news right now, and they said the New York backlot is currently burning. I've also heard at least one sound stage and other buildings have burned to the ground.

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From watching on tv, I've marked the buildings I know burned down.

Last time they showed the area on tv. the clock tower from Back to the Future and the square were the only things left in that area. The large square building on the left actually collapsed live on tv. The one on the right looks like it's about to.

UPDATE: MSNBC just reported that the King Kong ride has been completely destroyed.

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Thankfully no-one seems to have been hurt and the firefighters are getting control over it all, the one news channel I was watching mentioned that one of the places burnt down contained a hell of alot of master copies of films as well

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