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Can't we just say that Wayne, Stark, and Luthor are all roughly worth the same amount. I mean after about 50 million do you really keep counting? These guys have money to burn between bat shaped crime fighting gadgets, a state of the art power suit, and world domination, respectively.

Anyway, that's what my opinion. All three have more money than any of us will ever see.

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If Bruce Wayne is to continue building jets and cars that can outclass military and alien ships, he needs billions upon billions of dollars. Also consider that he employs a good portion of Gotham City. If Wayne ever said "I have enough money, let's close shop" his edge over super-crime would slip away and Gotham City would suffer greatly. Same for Lex Luthor; he is Metropolis. Without his financial backing, that city would crumble. And Tony Stark's money is needed to fund the Avengers and his Iron Man suits. If he doesn't constantly upgrade (which requires lots of money), someone will come along with new technology that will make his obsolete in a heartbeat.

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