Quantum Leap: The Complete Fifth Season, part one


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Throughout high school, if you had asked me what my favorite show was, my answer largely depended on whether there were any girls around. If so, I would have looked you right in the eyes and told you Cheers. This would, of course, have been a shameless lie. Truth be told, throughout most of high school, I was addicted to Quantum Leap.

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/reviews/m/quantum-leap-05-01

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Oh, and one thing: because of the nature of this show, things can get confusing. If Sam leaps into a guy named Fred, and Fred needs to eat his waffles, assume that Sam is eating Fred's waffles if I write, "Sam eats his waffles," and not that Sam made it home to 1999 and is sitting in his own kitchen, by his own toaster, waiting for his Eggos of the Future (or Eggos Beyond; I haven't decided what I'm calling them yet) to pop out.


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