The Top 7... "That’s a Dude!?" game characters


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Stolen from Gamesradar

“Damn, that girl is smokin... oh... that’s a guy?” Surely, we’ve all fallen victim to such a scenario. Not you, you say! You’re a hardcore gamer with 20/20 vision and a keen eye for Adam’s apples and moose knuckles? Fine! Many of us aren’t as perceptive, so we’ve decided to highlight those brave folks who might not have gotten their sex the first time around.

This isn’t simply an excuse to point and laugh at the femmy kid, heavens no! We at GamesRadar are well aware there’s no humor to be mined from the transgendered, and that being gay is, most certainly, serious business. Nay, this PC article is a semi-researched, gender-bending celebration! And when need be, we’ve got reasoning, fan art, and crotch shots to back up our claims of confusion. Um... so there.

7. Tidus from Final Fantasy X

Shades of Lady:

- Semi-exposed midriff

- Absolutely adorable hair

- Cries

Proof of Penis:

- Kissed a girl once. But anyone of drinking age and access to a Girls Gone Wild commercial, or college, knows girl kissin’ is no longer the sport of men alone.

6. Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia

Shades of Lady:

- A red mane that's the envy of all

- Dons a purdy pink corset

Proof of Penis:

- Kind of a player

- A self-centered prick

5. Nights from the Nights series

Shades of Lady:

- Candy colored clothing

- A hint of mascara

4. Jiro from Blue Dragon

Shades of Lady:

- The prettiest green dress you ever did see!

- Goth-chic haircut

Proof of Penis:

- A voice that could wake the Gods.

3. Gackt from Bujingai and Final Fantasy VII series

Shades of Lady

- Eyes you could disappear in for days

- An hourglass figure that’s to die for (Am I right, ladies?!)

Proof of Penis

- Voted ORICON Magazine's #1 "Sexiest Male Singer"

- Shirtless pics available for all ages

2. Bridget from Guilty Gear series

Shades of Lady:

- Dressed as a nun

- His name is... C’mon, just look at him!

Proof of Penis

- Several pictures readily available on the internet we can’t post here

- Outside of being a dude, not much

1. Birdo from Super Mario everything

Shades of Lady:

- Red hair bow

- Eye mascara


- Lays f***ing eggs!

Proof of penis:

- Nothing... Except for this!


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