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I'm bored, so I've decided to share a creation of mine with you.

Back in high school, I used to hang with a rather unsavory folk, and it was with them I invented the Over the Hill Game.

The rules are very simple.

One person names a female celebrity in their 30s, then the next person names someone slightly older, and so on.

The catch? They have to be someone that you would, assuming you were single and had the opportunity, have sex with.

We're not talking if the Earth were to explode and your only choice was to mate with them. It has to be someone that you would bang for free and actually enjoy, so no busting out Golden Girls or anything. The game ends when no one can name someone older than the person that came before. Basically, the sickest bastard wins.

In all my years of playing, I have never won this game.

Just post their name, age, and one picture, so we know who you're talking about if it's someone obscure.

I'll start.

Kate Beckinsale, 35 years old.


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So, if we win do we get to...you know?

If so, I will give everyone one thousand dollars to let me win.

You get a no prize, basically.

It should be noted that this game becomes much tougher on repeated tries because you're not allowed to repeat anyone used before.

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