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What do you regard the Shag Count for You Only Live Twice being?  

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This relates to a debate that starts about 1:55:00 into the episode. The amount of times Bond sleeps with Aki needs to be determined to come up with a final shag count. The problem is as such:

There is a definite, implied rendez-vous between Bond & Aki post massage, so there is, at the very least, 1 notch on the count between them. Before

Aki's death

, there is definite intimacy although the direction and the costumes remaining on makes the idea more ambiguous as to whether they added a second notch.

And those two times are two weeks apart. The night after the first Aki notch, Bond slept with Brandt and following that Spock-Bond and Aki are shown to sleep together in the 13 day period that we've established Bond training to be a ninja. Now, including this could be INCREDIBLY murky for two reasons:

- We're assuming an average of once a night, and whilst I'm sure Bond would want to make the most of his situation, there could be nights where he's too exhausted from training, or there could be nights where he's particularly in the mood. So doing this relies heavily on plain assumption.

- Including any considerable period of off-screen companionship means we have to assume the count in many further films. I don't want to start a dodgy precedent for....something as morally upstanding as the Shag Count!

So Bond & Aki have theoretically slept together anywhere between 1-15 times (possibly more times, although twice in one night may have interfered with his ninja training or something). Let me know your thoughts, either through the way we've presented the argument on the podcast, or her, or if you've seen the film for yourself. E-mails on this dilemma also gratefully accepted at:

The poll closes October 3rd so that Adham & I can include the final score in our next recording session.

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I'd say count it as one.

The Shag Count should just count for times the deed has been done on screen. If you're to throw implied shags into the mix, you'd have to potentially add a notch every time Bond so much as goes out for groceries.

And seriously, Sloth. That's FAR from the worst thing you've ever typed.

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