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The past few months have not been kind to Infinite Undiscovery. Despite being tri-Ace's first RPG for the Xbox 360, it's been overshadowed by bigger RPGs, such as Too Human and Tales of Vesperia. Still, I couldn't help but find myself drawn to it. I've generally enjoyed the few tri-Ace titles I've played, and it had been a while since I'd played an epic action RPG. But after I finally started playing it, it didn't take long to realize why Infinite Undiscovery wasn't making much of an impact.

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See, it’s not even that crazy. The moon is a big thing that provides the world with magic. A bad guy named the Dreadknight has formed an empire so he can chain it down and get a hold of its power. It’s not a whole lot different from the empire that wants to control the world in FF6 (or really, any empire that wants to take over the world by gaining control of some all powerful entity).

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