Is the joker really insane, or is it just am act.


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Right it took me a while to actually post my thoughts, and probably will be editing this in about twenty minutes.

Joker is not insane and is not actually trying to show the world that he is insane, it is not just an act to full the world, it is an act to fool himself.

The joker feels no compassion as he has taught himself to feel none, it is better to live in denial than live in any semblance of the real world. The Joker is not trying to get put into Arkham asylum because he is trying to escape prison, but rather is doing it so he can live with his actions, if the joker believes that what he does is out with his control he cannot feel responsible for his actions.

This is in the same vein as a small child, you cannot blame a small child for doing something that we believe is wrong as they don't know any better, the same can be said for the joker except he doesn't want to know any better.

Human will can make sure you can work for a little while longer, you can run that extra couple of feet to the finish line, but nothing has been disproved that you can't convince yourself that your actions are outwith your control and you cannot be held responsible for what you do, even though you full well know what you are doing.

The riddler leaves clues not just to prove that he's smarter than Batman, he has to, he can't help it. Two-Face can't commit a crime or a good deed without flipping a coin as he has to, Joker can kill you and not give a shit as he truly doesn't care and believes that if he tells himself that he doesn't care, he won't.

If you believe that something is outwith your control, say preferring Brand A to Brand B because Brand A has a ben instilled in your mind as better is the exact same. Take the store brand vs known brand debate. Most of the time the known brand will be more expensive and will be picked up more than store brand, even though both brands have the exact same ingredients and supplier, even though the only difference is the packaging and look. You are subliminally thinking that the more expensive one is better and therefore probably tastes better or is a better product, in the same way the joker has convinced himself that being insane is a lot better than actually being sane.

If Joker would really sit down and look at his actions he would be horrified, because they are things that are inhuman. However the joker has made such a song and dance about being insane, that he truly is not sane and is not insane and is rather neither and has found a middle ground with the ability to know what his actions are and handle them fully like a sane person, but have the ability like an insane person not to be held accountable for his actions.

But hey, that's my view of the whole situation, feel free to contradict me and state that I'm wrong and give reasons.

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Wasn't there an issue of Batman where Wonder Woman wrapped the Joker in her lasso, temporarily making him sane and regretful of his actions?

I've always seen the Joker as not a true person, but a character. He is essentially the force of anarchy incarnate, not actually a developing person. It's very evident in The Dark Knight, where he has no real response to the human concepts of pain and personal loss. Something is wrong with his brain, and he simply repeats the same old anarchic jargon, like a broken record.

EDIT: Oh wow, I totally missed the fact that the last post was in October. Eeesh. Sorry for resurrecting a possibly-dead thread.

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