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  1. Bryan Danielson has allowed his WWE contract to expire.
  2. That may be true. I don't think I've seen him give a bad/weird performance that didn't perfectly fit a bad movie.
  3. Con Air: What's to say that hasn't already been said? John Malkovich and Steve Buscemi are both in much better movies in their minds. Dave Chappelle is hilarious. This movie is patently ridiculous, downright bad and I absolutely love it. It's incredible how bad a guy like Nick Cage can be, when I know he's actually a good actor.
  4. Soul: Probably the smartest, most creative and visually stunning Pixar has been in a decade. It's so so so good.
  5. Santo vs The Zombies costars Santo's tag partner, Gory Guerrero. Father of Eddie Guerrero, and grandfather of Dominic Mysterio.
  7. I dunno, there's something very therapeutic about the violent murder of Chris Hardwick in House of a Thousand Corpses
  8. If these runs are part of a slow burn heel turn, which I think they are, they're brilliant. If Cody is as oblivious as his wife is, this might suck.
  9. I honestly think this is leading to a massive heel run someday, because Cody isn't stupid.
  10. I mean, I wanted him to lose to Warhorse.
  11. Cody is really trying to do this old school babyface thing. I don't think I like it. Personally, he needed to lose that dog collar match to Brodie Lee. The whole thing reads like a handsome man in a perfectly tailored suit wants to be a Dusty Rhodes babyface, when he doesn't realize, he's Ric Flair.
  12. A self portrait, Metagross, and a bunch of water color-y Halloween stuff.
  13. For a presumably pretty young person, you've got awesome shading and gesture. I'd love to see how your art has developed.
  14. Not even a threat. That I *hoped* he'd die alone.
  15. Time it takes Twitter to suspend someone that threatens to beat and rape my three year old daughter: 6 hours. Time it takes them to suspend me for telling Donald Trump to die: 5 minutes. I'm out. I quit. Fuck social media. Jack and Asshole Robot from Facebook can blow me.
  16. Oh my God, she's Dolly Parton with everything appealing stripped away.
  17. I will say this on the case of Buffalo Bill: Ted Levine is a very good actor and does a great job with what he is given. I have various other issues with the writing, and portrayal.
  18. This is the map for my homebrew world for my D&D Campaign. This took waaaay longer than I care to admit.