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Mistah J

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I'm a big fan of Doctor Who both classic and new series, and I've noticed a few similarities between the Doctor and the Dark Knight Detective

1) Both are loners

2) Both have companions or partners they don't want because their job is dangerous

3) Both have traumatic experiences that drive their lives

4) They're afraid to fall in love because of their dangerous lives

If not for the fact that the Doctor has a sense of humor, I think the Doctor and Batman would get along famously.

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Heck, if Bruce Wayne were a timelord, it could give a (bad) explanation of why he's played by different actors in all the films. As Adham said in FYEO #1 (SHILL!), James Bond has been thought of by some as a timelord just because the entire series gives little regard to casting continuity as a whole.

On topic though, if there ever was a Batman/Dr Who cross-over, expectations would be very, very high indeed.

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