Good riddler trades?


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Green Arrow vol 5- City Walls & 6- Moving Targets. Due to Winick writing both Batman and Green Arrow around this time there is some crossover between the characters and Riddler has what must be his most intriguing post-Hush appearances. The art takes a downturn when Phil Hester leaves the book during City Walls but its all good storytelling. He's much more prominant in the second book but you need the set-up of the first.

Actually some checking reveals he's about a two issue character in each trade, but both times he's well characterised and certainly depicted as being on the same level as GA's powered villians if not higher.

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Though he's my favorite Batman villain, I don't think they ever really used Riddler to his full potential, at least as a bad guy. As such, there weren't a lot of arcs that had him as the main villain, let alone good ones. This is why it was so easy to make the transition to good guy. He was never really that evil to begin with, just neurotic.

He has a lot of really cool single issue appearances though. Dark Knight Dark City was a great little three issue story, but I don't think it ever made any sort of collected format. The Riddle Factory was good, as was the Neil Gaiman origin story When is a Door.

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