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Settings: Batman's Dreams, Real Life Gotham City

Freddy always has been a special case. I mean, do you fight him when you're asleep or awake? Fucking movies screwed up what to do here...

Say someone from Springwood brought rumor of Freddy Kreuger over to Gotham City, apparently people's fear of Freddy is what spreads him around. Then someone gets killed by Freddy in the dreams, so the people of Gotham start panicking.

Word reaches Tim Drake (Robin), who falls asleep, and he encounters Freddy. Before Freddy has a chance to kill Tim, Bruce Wayne wakes him up, and pulls Tim out of Freddy's clutches.

Freddy, of course, is pissed that his victim escaped, so he decides to invade Bruce's dreams (nobody said he couldn't do that to an adult). He toys with Bruce, and discovers that he's Batman (wouldn't be too hard to do for Freddy). So decides to let Batman go, in favor of taunting him and ruinning his life first, before killing him outright.

Knowing that he has a major problem, Batman does some (read: Alot of) research (as usual), and discovers ways to combat Kreuger.

Question is: Will Batman be able to put a stop to Freddy Kreuger, in his dreams or otherwise? Or will Freddy add another victim to his list?

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