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I can see the Invaders being a great WWII era book but the JSA is so established at this point that it would be folly to move outside of that continuity. I also realise that the JSA is becoming a stacked roster, the current team is comprised of no less than 25 members including the supporting cast like Ma Hunkel and Obsidian. The idea behind the giant roster is that they are first and foremost not a strike team like the JLA but a home and family for heroes, particularly legacy heroes. Every member of that roster is the original version (Flash, Green Lantern, Wildcat), family of an classic hero (Power Girl, Cyclone, Citizen Steel) or has taken up an already recognized mantle for themselves (Mr Terrific, Dr Midnite, Amazing Man).

Having followed this series since its inception and owned the previous JSA run as well I can really appreciate the sheer breadth and scope of this roster, and when they are called to action its truly breathtaking. It makes sense for all these younger heroes to be working together, under the supervision of the DC universes oldest and most experienced characters. Yes there is the convention of having around 7 heroes to keep track and tell each story but that just down to ease of storytelling, not what makes the most sense for the team. The number of members has been brought up in the book too several times, it doesn't seem like a negative, it makes what they are doing here seem special.

Re: Rogues Revenge

The team on this book is the same as was on Flash pre Infinite Crisis, and I was a massive fan of that period, from Blitz through to the Rogue War. However I will agree that the art in this book was a significant step down. a lot of it was the lack of a strong inker in my opinion, originally the style was held together with a few well defined lines. All that being said I really liked this book. The removal of Wally West from being the Flash and the fiasco that was Bart's run really turned me off the book but I'm very interested to see what Barry Allen brings to it all. Thankfully this will allow them to ditch Wally's damn kids.

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