mini-review of "Freddy's Dead"


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Had a chance to watch "Nightmare on Elm Street 6" a couple weeks ago. Now I remember why this series ended after this movie. Freddy was scary in parts 1 and 2, and then was both cool and scary in part 3.

Then, in part 5, his credibility as a horror villain took a major hit when he was riding on a skateboard.

When Freddy was riding a broomstick in a tornado (a parody of "The Wizard of Oz") the character went on life support. Having Freddy play a video game (exclaiming "Now I'm playing with power!" and turning his glove into a twisted version of the horrid NES "Power Glove") in order to kill one of his victims was what killed the character.

It's too bad, because the movie provides some interesting back story on Freddy's childhood, teenage years and his wife & daughter. But the movie, overall, was just lame.

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Freddy was so much cooler before he ever cracked a joke.

It's not cracking jokes that did the character in. A wisecracking Freddy is cool; Freddy is mocking his victims, knowing that he has them right wher he wants them and they can't survive his attack. But trying to make Freddy "funny" got very lame when it went over the top.

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