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Hey guys. In the latest Wizard I saw a short article talking about Spider-Man 2099. With the 2099 universe being resurrected for a few books later this year, I assume that's why SM2009 got the mention, cause 2099 books have been dead forever. Anyway, what surprised me was that Wizard said SM2099 was worth $62 in Near Mint! :OMG:

I own the book (as well as all the 2099 #1's) and was just wondering if the value was true (Wizard so exaggerates). Or if anyone knows a reliable online price guide that would be sweet.

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Hmmm... I can't believe it's worth half that much. And, for the record, the 2099 Universe is not being resurrected. The new titles are one-shots that (somehow) aren't related to the previous line.

Yeah, I knew that the 2099 books weren't going to be resurrected but made into one-shots under the Marvel Knights line. I was never a huge 2099 fan, but was astonished to read that SM2099 was $62. You always find 2099 books in quarter bins and stuff.

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If you find a dealer willing to pay that much for that book, let me know. :) I seriously doubt it'll move.

Ghost Rider 2099 was decent, if just for Chris Bachalo's art...

I've never really been interested in selling any of my comics. What I really wanted to know was if the book was actually worth that much or was it Wizard hype (I'm inclined to believe the latter).

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