Gimmeh Some Wii Recs, Please!


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So, yeah. Got a Wii for Christmas, and we have WiiSports and WiiFit to our name.

For all the Wii owners on here, please give me some recs as to games I should get at some point? The only thing I have to stay away from are M rated games, as the family's going to be using the system at home.

Also, the Wii is connected to our wireless intarnet, so I can get access to the WiiShop and such.

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Go on the Virtual Console and get a bunch of SNES games. Those are better than most everything on the Wii right now.

Other than the first party games, there isn't much worth buying on the Wii.

Only ones I can think of are Okami, Zack and Wiki, and Boom Blox.

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If you have access to the Wiishop, World of Goo & Mega Man 9 are the top choices I'd recommend. Tetris is also suppose to be fun and have some original games, but that's depending on whether you aren't sick of Tetris games and/or ever did like them. There's also Lost Wind, which I've never played but is hugely regarded as a very fun & original game.

On the full price game front, what everyone else suggested was a good idea along with No More Heroes, which was a really fun game. If you're into first person shooters, Metroid Prime 3 would be another good choice.

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