Beast: X-Men or Avengers?


Where does he belong?  

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The X-Men.

Beast is a brilliant scientist who has dedicated much of his work to studying mutation, and what causes it. Himself a mutant, I have trouble believing that Henry McCoy would be willingly working for S.H.I.E.L.D, knowing that much of his research could (and most likely would) be used for projects like Weapon X.

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The Beast should always be an X-Man.

Why? Well, for starters, he's one of the original X-Men. I wouldn't vouch for Thor or Wasp as an X-Man or something like that. Second, Henry McCoy is a better teacher than a world traveling hero (athough he's good at that too). Since the X-Men reside at a school, a school would be the best place for his talents. Third, The Avengers already have a doctor/scientist named Hank. Whenver Hank Pym and Hank McCoy are in the same comic book I get confused. Lastly, I've never enjoyed how any Avengers artist has depicted The Beast. George Perez rendition of the Beast is especially irksome (although I think the rest of what Perez draws is fabulous).

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I wouldn't vouch for Thor or Wasp as an X-Man or something like that.

Well, to be fair, neither of them are mutants. Whereas The Avengers accept everyone from humans (Hawkeye, Iron Man), enhanced humans (She-Hulk, Captain America), mutants (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver), androids (Vision, Jocasta), gods (Thor, Hercules), and aliens (Starfox/Eros, Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell).

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I actually prefer the Beast as the more happy-go-lucky acrobatic Avenger who can be smart when necessary than the constantly moody X-Man scientist who never actually uses his powers at all. Plus, the chemistry between the Beast and Wonderman is second to none. I miss that.

And Personally, I prefer George Perez's Beast to everyone elses. John Byrne's comes in second. They're really the only two that in my opinion got the blue furred beast right. I really wish he went back to being a blue ape again. The feline version doesn't sit well with me.


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