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I've mentioned before that when it comes to horror in video games, it doesn't take a whole lot to scare me. I'm the kind of gamer who'll enter every room with my gun raised, glancing around every corner, making sure to scope the room out for places I can run to in case an ambush happens. So when I first popped in Dead Space, I was kind of surprised to find myself coasting through it with nary a worry. Sure, the game offers a few good "boo" moments, but I never really felt concerned about my survival, nor was I ever discomforted by the happenings around me. And yet, despite the lack of scares, I still feel like Dead Space is one of the best horror titles I've played in ages. The mechanics are so solid, and the atmosphere is so great, that I found myself overlooking its flaws.

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I swear, we must be sharing some kind of secret gamer wavelength. This is the third or fourth time you've posted a review of a game that I'd JUST finished playing through myself. Good stuff, although IMO you underrated the story and I wasn't nearly as put-off by the backtracking. I loved this game.

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