Finally Tecmo brings back Deception


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The second part of the Tecmo presentation was given by Mr. Kikuchi, producer of the Deception and Fatal Frame series. He briefly discussed Kagero II: Dark Illusion for the PlayStation 2. In this fourth entry in the Deception series, players once again get to play the bad guy and protect their castle from invaders by cleverly placing traps throughout. This time even more complex and grotesque traps known as "Dark Illusion" can be activated in each room. For example, an invader venturing through a giant clock tower may find himself unexpectedly pinched between the closing clock hands. With the powerful graphics available on PS2, the developers have achieved very realistic effects in the many death scenes, but this in itself has become a problem. Mr. Kikuchi is currently working to tone down the gore to more moderate levels. Kagero II is headed for a winter or spring release.


All I can say is it's about damn time. I have been a fan of the Deception series through all 3 of the PS1 installments, and have been waiting eagerly for any news regarding a fourth game in the series. I alway loved trying to create the perfect trap combos in each room to take on the different types of invaders.

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So the new deception came out the first week of November, and as big as a fan as I was of this series, it's hard for me to recomend this game to anyone as more than a rental. Sigh, I might just get back to writing and submit a column about it.

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