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So, anyone else gone to see this at all?

I read the original story by Neil Gaiman a few years ago, thought it was amazingly creepy for a kid's story. The movie lived up to the creepiness. Went to see this with the family, and my little sisters and parents, most of whom hadn't read the story, were pretty freaked out. It's a very frightening PG, with some burlesque scenes that might not be so appropriate for younger kids.

The stop motion animation for this was absolutely beautiful, in both execution and design. It was done by the director that did James and the Giant Peach and the studio he created. Anyone who does animation technique should watch this; it's exquisitely done. And the music is amazingly haunting and beautifully composed; I downloaded the soundtrack the moment we got home.

Also, the use of 3D is... actually quite well-done. It's only used to add to and emphasize the film, such as looking down a tunnel, or when something's coming towards you in the shot (which could be a needle, the Other Mother, Scottish Terriers). It's not gimmicky at all.

Definitely go and see this. So worth it.

Also, Bum Review:

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I'm listening to the audiobook right now, its really great. Gaiman is one of those authers with more than enough personal charisma to actually narrate his own work.

Unfortunatly the film isn't out here until early May. I'm also going to avoid any 3d showings. Frankly the headache of wearing the glasses always detracts from whatever you are trying to watch, I've never seen it be successful.

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I don't think you'll miss anything by seeing it in 2D, actually. The way that the 3D shots are done are incorporated into how it's shot, and it's really subtle. So, it won't be glaringly obvious in 2D that this was a 3D movie.

I actually think that it's worth trying the 3D, but hey, it's up to you.

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