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Now that we know Warner Bros. is making some forward movement on their new Man of Steel movie (with X-MEN director Bryan Singer leading the charge), could someone at the studio be thinking of dusting off the Maid of Steel and giving her another chance to fly on the silver screen?

According to our latest scooper, it's an idea that's just started to be tossed around at Warners. We are keeping the identity of our source and their job position confidential, but it's how they came to learn of this idea for a new SUPERGIRL movie.

Here's what they had to say to us:

Akiva Goldsman was going to write the film, after writing a favorable treatment, but has decided against it, he'll produce only. Melissa George, who was on ABC's ALIAS, is someone they're discussing for the lead. Whoever signs will be signing a two-picture deal.

"They're talking 2006, but since things are only now progressing, I suspect a little later."

Our source also cautioned us that it's just talk at this point, and whatever happens to Singer's SUPERMAN film will undoubtedly take priority first. Even though Bryan Singer is moving towards shooting the new SUPERMAN movie sometime next year, a best case scenario would mean that the picture probably wouldn't be in theaters until, at the very least, the summer of 2006. Even if reception to the new SUPERMAN movie is positive, it could still be a year or two before a greenlight is given to a SUPERGIRL movie.

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