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Aaron Robinson

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Okay, what's the technique called in manga where sharp lines are used to highlight the significance of an action? A quick look on Google came back with about a billion different possibilities (action lines, focus lines, flash lines, effect lines, etc.) and I’m wondering if there’s a more accepted term for what they are? I've always referred to lines like that as speed lines, but that doesn't seem right if there's no movement actually happening.

In case people have no idea what I'm blathering on about, I'm talking about things like this:


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Don't be sad.

As I understand it, it's just symbolia for astonishment or surprise. And it's not exclusive to manga.

It's called emanata. Symbolia is like a lightbulb for an idea or lines following a static image of someone to show they're running. Below is a bad but illustrative example:


The lines around the head showing surprise or shock, is emanata.

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