Play of the deaths of the Wayne parents


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I made this for fun. Its a play version of the deaths of Bruce Wayne's parents. I changed the story slightly. This is nothing great, just did it for fun.

Here it is:

It was a dark night.

Martha: I love the necklace.

Thomas: The best pearls money can buy. In Gotham City at least. Did you like the movie, Bruce?

Bruce: Kind of, I am glad you were able to come. Why do you always have to be at the hospital? Why can’t we all do more stuff like this all the time?

Thomas: Bruce, you know I am needed at the hospital. There are people out there that need help. Our family has everything it needs, but that is not the same for everyone else in this city. That is why we help charities. Its why I have the job I have, to help people who are in pain or who are suffering from illnesses or accidents.

Martha: Your father is right, Bruce. Sometimes you need to sacrifice your time or wealth, just yourself, for others, whether it’s being a doctor, helping charities, or being some other type of hero.

Bruce: I think I understand. Dad, how much farther do we have to walk? When is Alfred going to pick us up?

Thomas: Oh Bruce, this was supposed to be a special night, one of the few I have off. So I gave Alfred the night off.

Martha: I don’t know about this Thomas, this neighborhood isn’t the best.

Thomas: Don’t worry; we will be able to catch a taxi a few blocks down.

Bruce: I don’t know either Dad, I am sort of scared.

Thomas: There is nothing to be scared of Bruce; it’s just the dark. Some day you will learn to overcome your fears.

Martha: Thomas, were the Waynes, if anyone in this city saw us, they would automatically pick pocket or mug us.

Thomas: No one can recognize us at this hour, please stop worrying you two. I have to find out where we are.

Bruce: Were lost?

Thomas: No, stop worrying!

A Stranger: Need some directions?

Thomas: Uh, no, I think were fine, thank you.

The Stranger: But I insist.

Thomas: Were okay, thank you.

The Stranger: Oooh, never seen such nice pearls. You treat your woman good mister.

Thomas: Lets get out of here guys.

The Stranger: Hey, not so fast. Got any other nice things on you?

Martha: Oh my God!

Thomas: He’s got a gun. Get out of here Bruce! Go!

Bruce: What’s going on?

Thomas: Here its all the money I have on me!

The Stranger: I want those pearls too!

Martha: Aaaaah!!! (scream)

The Stranger: Give me the fuckin’ necklace!

Bruce: Mom, Dad!

Thomas: Wait let let go of her! Martha give them to him! Hey, hey, hey, can’t we just -

The Stranger: Give me all your jewelry you bitch!


Bruce: No mom!

Thomas: No!!! Martha! You shot my wife, you –


Bruce: No!!!

The Stranger: God damn family! Oh shit, the cops are coming! Gotta scram!

Bruce: Noooo! Noooo! Mom! Dad! This can’t be happening! Nooo!

(Police Arrive)

Officer Gordon: Whats going on? Oh my god.

Another Officer: The kid’s not hurt. But his parents are, I'm afraid, murdered.

Officer Gordon: Who did this to them?

The Other Officer: We don’t know. The kid doesn’t have a good description of him.

Officer Gordon: Hard to see in the dark.

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