Red Robin in The Batman TV series

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I was watching The Batman, "Artifacts", and I realized that they totally don't mention or include any other Robins besides Dick Grayson, and Red Robin, but I'll get to that later, but anyway, this episode is set in the future where some future people discovered the Batcave. From this episode we learn that in the continuity of The Batman, Dick Grayson was the only Robin ever. There is no hints at all to there being any other Robins in the history of the Batman Family, except one, depending on what you think. The girl that helped in the discovery of the Batcave, found the suit of Robin that we had already seen in The Batman, but then she says that this was the suit of the Red Robin. Sure, its probably just a false name passed down in stories of Batman and Robin for Robin. But Red Robin has been in DC Comics before. There have been four Red Robins in DC comics, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Ulysses Armstrong, and recently, Tim Drake. Maybe there were Jason Todd, Ulysses Armstrong, and Tim Drake in the continuity of The Batman? Maybe their dead or not in Gotham during the parts of this episode where it shows the older Batman Family? Maybe when the girl mentioned Red Robin, she was talking about a different person than the Robin that wore the suit she was looking at? There were probably other suits not found when the people in the future found the Batcave. Could there of been other people in the continuity of The Batman that the girl was talking about? If so, who? Why or why not?

Go here to learn more about Red Robin

Go here to watch "Artifacts"

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I doubt the existence of another Robin in that continuity. We got not so much as a hint of it; and in those future scenes it looked like Nightwing was still trying to escape the Robin persona, so the existence of another Robin wouldn't have made sense.

That episode was filled with dialogue references (to the point of Mr. Freeze literally saying "the Dark Knight returns"), so I wouldn't take anything from that line about "Red Robin" other than a reference to the comics.

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