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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

By day, a mild mannered comic strip artist...

I don't just use my illustrative skills to draw comic strips and film storyboards, you know...

Oh, no; sometimes I use them to actually fight crime!

Yesterday, I was forced to visit my local bank to pay off some of my ever-expanding credit card bill. I found myself studying this extremely charismatic fellow in the queue ahead of me ( sounds a bit "gay" for a married man like me, I know... but, hey, I'm an artist! We do these things.).

This fellow then proceeded to say something to the girl behind the counter that persuaded her to hand over loads of money.

Yes! It was a robbery!

By the time I realised what was happening he'd escaped with the loot. I gave my contact details to the bank and then ran like the wind back to my studio and set about hastlily drawing some pictures of the robber. I'd studied this guy quite intensely and could remember every detail of his likeness and clothes.

I took my drawings round to the local cop-shop. Finding it full of your usual oiks and ne'er-do-wells, I was reluctant to broadcast my status as as a grass (yes I'm aware of the irony of that last statement given that I'm now announcing my deeds to the world on a blog)... so I gingerly approached the desk and whispered "I'd like to report a serious crime...". The copper patiently asked for some more details, so I mouthed "The bank robbery ...". This got his attention and he asked me if I was a witness.

"I'm more than a witness!" I blurted, "Check these out!"

I held up my drawings, and the policeman's eyes widened with astonishment! "That's him!" he splutterd. " 'Ere, come and have a look at this!" he called to his colleagues. They trotted over, took a look and exclaimed "That is spot-on! It IS him!".

Seems they'd already picked up a suspect who matched my drawings exactly. I then spent the afternoon giving a statement... but I can't really expand on the situation any further than that for obvious reasons.

The drawings are now in the hands of the police and will probably be used as evidence when the case comes to court. But, yes, I did take scans and if I can show them at some point in the future I will!

The strange thing is, I've occasionally mused about being in a situation exactly like this. Sad, I know! Could this be a bizarre form of cosmic ordering on a subconscious level? If so, maybe I could put my powers to use in getting someone to buy The Filth's film rights?!

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This is why if I commit a crime its going to be in from of the guy who draws XKCD. Awesome story, that bank robber must be gutted. I can just see the evidence in the courtroom, the eyewitness account from the tiller, the security cameras, the picture of him dressed as Captain Wonder actually doing the crime.

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