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I love Sony's crazy ad campaigns that either make no sense, or are on the verge of being offensive.

5. Bubble Wrap


Actually, let's start with something that worked. Deep within the core of each of us lives a stupid, stupid monkey who just plain can't resist the temptation to push buttons. Even if, in this case, they don't do much of anything beyond making a satisfying popping sound. Covering bus stops in a layer of Sony branded bubble wrap is actually nothing short of brilliant. In fact, the only stupid thing about the idea is that they only bothered to do it in Malaysia. The thing about being audaciously weird is that on occasion you end up with something great purely on account of blind dumb luck.

4. Your Girlfriend's White Bits


That's a bit of UK slang that will probably go over some heads. "White bits" are those parts of the body that, if you ever go outside, retain their frog's underbelly whiteness through the intervention of a swim suit. The distinction is obviously lost on those of us who keep our whole body in a perpetual state of pastiness, but you get the idea. What exactly was meant by the ad is something else entirely. I think they're telling me that my PSP will automatically distribute nude pictures of my lady friends, though it's probably a pretty narrow demographic that both desires this and is too lazy to do it their own damn selves. Also, it kind of assumes that you have a girlfriend. And that she's white.

3. Catfight


I'd like to think that I'm a fairly colorblind person, but there's really just no way to see this as anything other than a white woman strangling the shit out of a black woman in some kind of racist catfight yin-yang. I don't know, maybe the ladies are actually really good friends and this is just something they occasionally feel like doing until someone remembers the safe word. Mostly, though, it seems like the inevitable result of selling a piece of hardware whose biggest distinction from the previous iteration is that it's really, really white. Coupled with having a marketing department that jumps at the most obvious idea without anybody in the room being competent enough to ask what in the holy screaming fuck is wrong with you. If this were perpetrated by, say, just some kid on a message board rather than the marketing arm of a megalithic electronics manufacturer, he'd have been banned for trolling.

2. Crazy Goddamn Baby


Congratulations on channeling the trippier bits of 2001. The differences here are that this time we probably failed to get stoned enough in advance to adequately appreciate it, and that this baby creature is something any sane person would gnaw off a limb to get away from. I can't help feeling that anything that would make that baby happy needs to be purged from existence and record. It sticks in one's mind, which is technically the essence of good marketing. On the other hand, it's stuck in a usually inaccessible part of the mind, and it really doesn't count as an effective ad if people can only recall what was being sold after the blocks on the traumatic memory are bypassed by sodium pentothal and hypnotic regression.

1. Scary Girl


We're confronted with an interesting question here: Why get so chuffed about the accomplishments of humanity when you individually had little or nothing to do with them? Followed by the suggestion that it might be better to personally experience all that awesome shit inside your own head. I bet we'd have all kinds of fun debating that silly idea if not for the fact that the whole thing is condescendingly delivered by a horrorshow FAS pixie with an indecipherable accent. Any intriguing philosophical questions are completely buried by more practical concerns, like what in the hell happened to her and how much it must have hurt. The answer might go a way toward explaining why she's such a bitch about everything. Director Chris Cunningham is capable of great things, but he's only persuading me to play videogames because they usually allow me the option of shooting creatures like this.

They forgot the PSP ads with the dirtballs that spoke like Cheech Marin, and the PSP commercials with the stereotypical black talking squirrels.

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