Episode 38


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Hi Kellen! I thought I'd be the first to remark on this episode, though I haven't listened to it yet. Reasons why: I'm going to watch Hellsing OVA with this commentary on Halloween and currently, I'm trying to catch up with your show, since I'm a huge fan of anime, thanks to James starting Animezing segment, but you have furthered my interest and everytime you recommend a series, I always give it a try. In fact, I have a list that I have started whenever I listen to your show. I recently read up that the American company that has produced the OVA has gone out of business or something and gotta say that totally sucks ass. I love the American VA and I so want to see what happens after OVA 4. Thanks again for the show and just like Earth-2 The Show, I always recommend your show to people. Kepp it up and thanks for turning this non-otaku into a fledgling otaku.

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Hey Bats,

You don't need to worry too much, FUNimation picked up the distribution rights for Hellsng Ultimate (among a bunch of others) from Geneon when it shut down (in fact, Hellsing Ultimate #4 was released through FUNimation.)

Will the rest of them be released?

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