Local Comic Shop Goes Out Of Business


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I found out today that there was a comic shop the next town over. I never knew it existed. Sadly, the owner passed away and it closed a little over six months ago. The owners daughter tried to sell the shop, but after that failed, she sold the building. Now she is trying to sell all the comics asap. I have talked to her about what the inventory is and will look at it tomorrow. When I asked about price, she stated that she knows nothing and we can discuss my offer when I see what is what.

This is where I need some advice. Most of the collection is from 2000-2009. She said that she is selling everything for at least 50% of the cover price, but that is still a little rich for me. She also mentioned wanting to sell short and long boxes for a flat rate. Honestly, I have never bought anything outside of quarter boxes besides trades. I have no idea what is a reasonable offer. I don't want to make an offer that is taking advantage of someone, while at the same time I don't want to pay more than I need to.

Any ideas?

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