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I was looking at the Il Padrino (The Godfather) poster on my office door and thought, How fucking cool would a Sonny Corleone figure be? OH! Luca Brasi! Think about it. There could even be a special "ambushed at the tollbooth" Sonny variant, and Luca could come with a fish wrapped in his bulletproof vest.

So that got me thinking, What other movies need action figure tie-ins? And here's the list I've come up with so far:


Dark City

Die Hard

Fight Club

Forrest Gump (I'm actually 100% serious)

The Godfather


The Man with No Name trilogy

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Seven (or is it Se7en?)


The Sting


True Romance


TV Shows


The Shield

The Sopranos

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I'd love for there to be some figures based of the El Mariachi trilogy. El and Sands would be tight.

I wish they did a Daredevil movie line. Bullseye would have been cool.

I wish instead of a Kill Bill or Reservoir Dogs line there was just a Tarantino one. New wave every few months, covers all the movies. First could be Jules, The Bride and Mr. Blonde. Then do Bill, Mr. White, Vincent Vega, Nice Guy Eddie.

Bubba Ho-Tep would be cool. The King, JFK and Ho-Tep.

Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon and Pedro would be awesome to have. Kip too.

That Scrubs idea makes me think of a good one. A Garden State set of Braff, Portman and Sarsgard stuck in the shouting pose. Like on the soundtrack cover.

I'd like a figure of Leon from Leon.

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