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Welcome to The Timecast!

UPDATES: We have a logo!

We (I mean I, I am having a guest co-host each week until I get solid co-host) are a podcast dedicated to commentating on any media we feel like, be it Movies, TV Series, or Video Games. The schedule consists of one episode per week (Not weekly, but at least one episode per week.). With a format of commentary on episodes of TV series except for every fifth episode where we will commentate on a movie or start a movie series. (First series will be started with Back to the Future on episode 5.

I have the pilot uploaded here for torrent download. So for right now episodes will be released through torrent until I get a iTunes feed going (Should be soon).

IMPORTANT NOTES!: I say "commentary" near the beginning when I meant to say subtitles. Also the email for the podcast is NOT I repeat NOT, it is If you start sending email to the former, some poor sap is going to be wondering when he ever started a podcast.

Welcome to the first episode/pilot/prototype of The Timecast. In our ("our" being myself and Michael Sims) debut we will be reviewing Star Trek: First Contact, so you will need either the DVD or a downloaded version. Since this is the pilot you will no doubt notice my horrible voice work: saying "and, uh, and like" a lot along with a very slow baritone voice with almost no emotion. Don't worry! I've learned from this experience so the next episode should be much more pleasant for your ears! Also be aware that you may need to skip forwards about ten seconds if you think you're not in sync with us. Last note is that some of the editing and audio quality may not be up to par. With this new software I have it should be a lot better quality next podcast.

YouTube Links:

. Sadly the rick-roll was taken down by Paramount.

NEXT TIME: Justice League UNLIMITED: The Great Brain Robbery!

Special Thanks to:

Michael David Sims

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I have not been keeping up with everything. This is mostly due to laziness and I am very very sorry for it. I am going to continue the show, but only regularly up to 25. After that point I will still do "quarterlies" and specials. But I have a responsibility coming that is going to take the time I would use for this podcast.

Once again I am very sorry, I feel like I let you guys down.

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iTunes is at last online! The pilot is up and I intend to add the JLU commentary shortly.

The listing for future episodes is as follows,

Smallville - Pilot

LOST - Pilot

Back to the Future

Batman: The Animated Series - The Terrible Trio

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