Brock Lesner "really sick"


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Brock Lesnar -- the UFC Heavyweight Champ -- is in "bad shape" according to UFC president Dana White and won't be fighting anytime soon.

White made the announcement after UFC 105 last night, saying "He's in a hospital up in North Dakota somewhere right now. He went to Canada and some bad stuff happened to him, so we've got to figure it out ... He doesn't want to talk about it publicly, but he's in bad shape. He's not well and he's not going to be getting well anytime soon."

Lesnar originally pulled out of a November 18 fight and reports suggested he had swine flu. The fight was rescheduled for January 2, but then it was announced Lesnar had mononucleosis.

But White made it clear, Lesnar's problems go beyond mono: "He is not good. He is very, very sick and he's going to be out for a while."

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One outlet is reporting that it's cysts on his liver from steroid abuse.

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UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar's health is much worse than originally thought and it appears Lesnar could have a very tough road ahead. UFC President Dana White told that in addition to having mononucleosis, Brock is "very, very sick" with some sort of intestinal disorder that will require "major surgery."

White told TMZ that he is going to visit Lesnar in the hospital and is trying to get him transferred to the Mayo Clinic, one of the top medical facilities in the world, so doctors can figure out what to do.

After postponing the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin fight for a second time last weekend, White now says, "There's a possibility Lesnar will never fight again."


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