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Hey, so I recently bid on an e-bay auction containing 10 of the trades from the 100 bullets series. I received a box today, a staples box, in shoddy condition, with a tear near the top and with all the popcorn packaging seemingly taken out, and 5 of the books missing.

What do I do? I immediately contacted the e-bay seller and am waiting for a response. My guess is somebody broke into the box and stole them, but why leave the rest of the package, why not take the whole thing once they found out what it was.

Also could this have anything to do with my neighbor who we currently are arguing with about the fence. Would they really stoop so low?

This fucking sucks.

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There isn't much you can do. If the seller says they were in the box, you can't prove otherwise. I wouldn't blame the neighbor either without proof. It was probably screwed up in transit, and I think you are going to have to take your losses on it.

The only thing you can do is leave bad feedback about the packaging.

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Is it safe to assume you didn't buy postal insurance?

Even if you didn't, you'll still want to bring it up with the post office. Take the package there with the printed out eBay webpage and show them what's missing.

After that, contact Paypal and eBay. If the item was covered under their protection plan, see if they can offer you a refund. (I'm not sure how that works, so that might be a dead end.)

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The seller used parcel post, no delivery confirmation, and there was no offer of shipping insurance. If there was shipping insurance I would have picked it up. The seller has to offer it before it is bought and honestly I didn't think of it because this has never happened to me before. But alas there wasn't.

The seller thinks that he might have shipped it to somebody else and if that was the case than it's his fault, although all evidence leads me to believe that the Postal Service opened the package to check what was inside and kept a few of the items for themselves. Or somebody opened it in front of my house and was nice enough to clean up any styrofoam popcorns they might have dropped.

If it was a theft, it's not the sellers fault and I don't want to penalize him for it. He's already offered half my money back and I think that's acceptable, but it's still such a shame because it was such a good deal and it's going to cost me more in the end to pick up the missing books. I got 10 100 bullets tpbs, plus 3 The Authority Tpbs for $52 plus shipping.

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