Wolverine vs. Venom

Fat DJ

Who wins?  

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Posted with permission.

Destroda: DJ just posted Wolverine v Venom.

Destroda: Who wins?

StipeforPrez: oohhhhh

StipeforPrez: that's a rough one

Destroda: Yeah!

StipeforPrez: man man man

StipeforPrez: I want to go with Venom

StipeforPrez: I heart Venom

Destroda: Even though I can't stand the character, I gotta go with Venom.

Destroda: How can Logan fight something he can't cut?

Destroda: Unless he tosses Venom into fire or electricity, he can't hurt him.

StipeforPrez: exactly

Destroda: Plus, all Venom has to do is take over Wolvie's body, and it's over... for everyone!

StipeforPrez: lol

Destroda: Damn. 'Cause I hate Venom.

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