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  1. I read this...and my middle finger becomes aroused. All joking aside, these types of stories are kind of ingrained in the human DNA. The hero stories are not exactly different at all, and they all seem to boil down to the same basic elements. All the other trappings are just icing.
  2. I am currently enjoying the hell out of: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker I am playing this with my daughter on my knee at every session. She loves it, and I'm sure that every twist and turn is not exactly resounding with her, but the gist of it has made it's impression. She requests this game by asking me to "save the girl" and replying "Zelda" when I ask which girl she means. Probably one of my most satisfying replays ever. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Metal Gear Solid 3 first, then Peace Walker, then Metal Gear Solid 2. Maybe then the two MSX games too.
  3. I know it's been a long time since I've been here...but what the hell XBL: LoganRage PSN: LoganRage Steam: mistah_mexico
  4. I'm engaged. That is all. I'M TOO DAMN EXCITED RIGHT NOW
  5. So the new job? Looking like I'm going to be managing a store...and probably not moving all that far (which means no packing up the family).
  6. A.Logan


    The idea anyone would buy that makes me gag and I find the entire idea hard to swallow. Well played sir, I got a good laugh out of that.
  7. Been meaning to say it, but I think it's freaking tremendous that you're writing and especially plays. One theatre guy to another, that's just fucking incredible to me.
  8. Just paid off Discover, Juniper, and Capital 1. Feels good. Buying a new bed and mattress...feels better. Getting a new job, PS3, and shortly after...a nice ring for a certain someone.
  9. Thanks everyone! Had a great dinner (shrimp skewers grilled w/garlic, breaded fried shrimp, lobster mashed potatoes...I love seafood) and a great day overall, as I've likely found another job too. Thanks again!
  10. A.Logan


    Yeah the worst part is that the company didn't involve my boss at any stage of the process, just went right over him, fired me, told me whatever and opened the door for me to sue for wrongful termination. - No process of warning - The "policy" I violated is not even a company policy, but an LP policy in our district. - Victim of a robbery - No cause given for firing, they called on my phone and told me that they were moving forward with the "separation" and that was it. The other person there during the robbery got off with a final warning. This has happened at another store...the staff is still intact, all of it.
  11. A.Logan


    So I got fired today...but I'm in their computer as re-hirable. It's so utterly retarded that I can't wrap my head around it. The company knows it was an honest mistake and acknowledged that...yet went ahead and fired me anyway. My boss is a good friend and it seems like we're about to just end around this whole thing and if I'm re-hirable then after however amount of time (2 weeks or something) I'm back on staff. It amounts to a suspension. Just plain retarded.
  12. So I might be fired from my job for being the victim of a grab and run robbery. No 16 months doesn't earn you one mistake at your job, what kind of absurd company keeps the good employees and coaches them through mistakes.
  13. A.Logan


    I'm reminded of this:
  14. That's amazing cvskin, good luck and stay alert out there. You know what's awesome...my tax return is something like 4k this year. Oh yes.
  15. See this is why I needed to remember my password earlier. Also, I need to stop using the security questions from websites to make obscure jokes that only I chuckle at.