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Let me start by saying this will be a thread mainly for discussing any justice league ongoing or mini series. Also be sure to say news about about future series and story arcs!

I have never been a huge fan of team books, though i have read many justice league comics before, actually, i haven't read a whole hell lot. In the last two months I wanted to see what has gone on in the ongoing, I picked up #38 (some more bad art by Mark Bagley) and the 80 page giant and the seven issues of Cry For Justice. i realize that justice league has gone crazy without Bats and that everyone is pissed at each other and wanting to break away. i loved Cry for justice, but the fact that everyone is pissed off all the time in dc comics currently, is pissing me off.

The 80 page giant - only one or two of the stories in there I liked, quite disappointing.

Justice League of America #38 - this issue doesn't have any of the popular heroes in the league, that might sound cool to you, but it isn't, its just a bunch of people (I won't say who so im not spoiling more) that just complain about their disabilities they got from prometheus or whoever. Vixen is leading this small group of few leaguers that wanted to come and that hate teh league right now for seom reason, some actin here from a evil guy again, wont say who) and this issue is still crap. So I am not continuing on with this serriess, even though the next arc is blackest night tie in.

Everybody has been fucked up by Prometheus. Okay, the rise of arsenal mini series looks cool, but do I want Roy Harper messed up like many other leaguers? furthermore, it looks like he might become evil.

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