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What strategies do they employ? Are they camping bastards with their Sniper rifles? Are they rocket whores? Or do they just seem to get lucky shots off?

Here's a couple of helpful hints:

Jump. A lot. I don't like this strategy on the PC, but the XBox doesn't have a mouse. Go all bunny style on them.

If they do so love the sniper rifle, just take note of where the shot came from. They're moving from that spot as soon as they miss (if they have half a brain), and it's been awhile since I've played Halo, but most of the best sniper locations probably have singular entry exit points.

Oh, and never underestimate the pistol. Arguably the best weapon in the game, and certainly the most versatile.

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lets see. they always turn around faster than me. that's mainly because they jump a lot and for some stupid reason you turn faster in that game when your in mid-air. They use snipers and rockets a lot. I know how to dodge rockets effectively(although I often die anyway. It a freaking rocket launcher). Also they seem to get a lot of head shots(even if at close distance with a sniper rifle while I'm shooting at them). another thing they do is seemingly appear out of nowhere. I'll see them strait ahead of me one second, they'll assasinate me the next. If they happen to do that by jumping over me from a platform (which is usually the case), for some reason my motion detector doesn't pick it up.

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