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  1. I know I'm not the only one excited about this one.
  2. Skyre

    Episode 43

    To be fair, Witch Hunter Robin was close to being on my list. P.S. I have returned to the forums.
  3. 1. Kaliedostar 2. Tsubasa Chronicle 3. RahXephon 4. Princess Mononoke 5. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien 6. Gundam SEED 7. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 8. Escaflowne(series) 9. Zoids: Chaotic Century 10. Rune Soldier Louie
  4. Giant robots that bleed for some reason or another. Ya, I find it confusing too. Granted I've only seen 2 episodes in the middle of the series. I too am surprised that Mononoke didn't make the list.
  5. Once you get used to the controls and get to the later levels it's really fun. Especially the very last level. Wow. I should really check the forums more often. I didn't know that Kenji joined.
  6. Hmm... Not quite sure if he's seen it yet. Oh, well. Come Chibi-con time Brennan will surely force him to watch this as well as Colorful.
  7. I'm planning on making a Shadow of the Collossus music video sometime soon(As in, once I get the game back from my friend). The song will be Covered in Cowardace by Billy Talent. I was just wondering if there was anything specific that people here would like to see in the video. I have my own ideas about most of the video already, but any ideas/advice from the public will be greatly appreciated. Also, please do not post your ideas in this thread in case I end up using them in my video. I don't want people to know exactly what to expect. PM them to me or send me an e-mail.
  8. Skyre

    PS3 news

    Well this isn't really much of a surprise. Sony is trying to simplify their production costs by downgrading the cooling system. Didn't Microsoft do the exact same thing with the 360?
  9. Been a while since I last came to this site. Good review Kscriv. I definitely agree with you that other otakus will relate to this. I'll try to figure out my character mix once I have time. You'll also be glad to hear that Brennan and Katie have now gotten addicted to this series and are starting to get everybody who's still in Selkirk addicted as well.
  10. Thanks for the wiki links Yoda. Now I finally know what gender Kefka is. On the topic of who I'm voting for, I'm still undecided.
  11. Skyre

    Dante v Frog

    I vote for Frog. I want Dante to win, but not by a landslide.
  12. Misturugi has been after power his whole life(and has failed most of the time). Alucard has been fighting against his own father for hundreds of years. That takes guts. My vote goes to Alucard.
  13. If it wasn't for his armor, Master Chief would be nothing.
  14. Yaaah. It's about time they translated 3. I can't see the pictures right now(school blocker. really sucks) so can somebody tell me what system it's on.
  15. I heard about this a few weeks ago on Suteki-square. I am so going to save up money for the Toronto concert.
  16. The Klingons may be physically stronger, but the Wookies are better engineers and would thus be able to build better weapons and shields. My vote goes to the Wookies.
  17. Azure Dreams for PS1. Takes a long time to level up your familiars(especially when you try leveling up about 8 different ones.). That, and the fact that I lost my +8 Steel Sword to rust traps. Digimon World for PS1(In my opinion the only good Digimon game). Used to rent it from the movie store a lot. I finally went a bought it a few years ago. It got stolen a week later(probably by my cousin Rusty, whom I only get to see every 4-or-so years). The Bard's Tale for PS2. Incredibly funny game. But the part I'm at has had very little comedy so far and a lot of repetitive fighting. WarCraft 3 for PC. Managed to get half-way through the orc campaign, but by then I was really fed up with the fact that you can only select 12 units. I then proceeded to play my older, better strategy games(like Red Alert and Total Annihilation). P.S. to cvskin: Vandal-Hearts 2 came out in 1999.
  18. This band is my god!!! I have both of their albums.
  19. here's a few more. Karaha-Baruha(Final Fantasy XI) Kilik(Soul Calibur series) Taki(Soul Calibur series) Ivy(Soul Calibur series) Kane(Command and Conquer series) The Bard(The Bard's Tale) General Baal(Grandia)
  20. Must have missed this post earlier. 77% Robin Young and acrobatic. You don't mind stepping aside to give someone else glory. 75% Superman 75% Spider-man 70% Green Lantern A lot of high percentages for me.
  21. Rose(The Legend of Dragoon) Ash Lambert(Vandal Hearts) Jube Yagyu(Onimusha 2) And of course... Sephiroth(Final Fantasy VII) I'll think of more later.
  22. ALL RIGHT!!! Samurai X collection $20
  23. Damn, this show has been on in Canada for 2 weeks already and I still haven't gotten a chance to see it.
  24. New one added to my favorites list as well. Ukiya Shun from Gatekeepers. I also can't believe that I never mentioned Shikamaru from Naruto