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Just in case any of you aren't Oratorians/Monticelloers/PWers.

Hey guys,

A bunch of us from Project Wonderboy, The Monticello and some of your fellow Oratorians have been playing Halo 2 quite regularly together, and from my understanding, kicking a lot of ass.

Now, I've been told you have your own little Oratory clan, which is great...because we want to borg it. Basically, take the Oratory clan, graft on the PW faction, as well as the Superpatriot faction, and make one supraforum clan to maximize ass kickery.

Once PW comes back to its full glory with a real mainpage, I plan on setting up a subsection for the PW/SP.net clan anyway, and if you guys joined in, it'd be even better. I don't know about you, but I think it's great that although you may HATE the guy on the forums, you can still play videogames with him and kick other peoples' asses.

We've got about 8 threads on it in PW, which seems to be a mini-hub of Halo 2 clan discussions. Shouldn't be too hard to find the right thread. Talk, decide here, whatever, and come on over and we'll get everything set up once PW is back to big pimping full glory style.



AIM: rotund dj

YIM: rotund_dj

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