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I am a fan of Doctor Who and found this podcast the other day. After cramming through my DVD sets of the modern series, I was ready for the new Matt Smith series. I am relatively new to podcasts, I usually listen to the Doctor Who BrokenSea audio dramas, but after finding "Bigger on the Inside" I am starting to branch out. I find it cool that of the two hosts, Dan is a longtime fan and a "Who-historian" and Mike is more familiar with the modern series, and more new to the whoniverse, and their chemistry is charming. I wanted to thank you guys for tackling a project nobody in their right mind would want to tackle, covering every incarnation of the Doctor, but was also wondering if you will be covering the Doctor Who spinoffs, such as the Sarah Jane Chronicles and Torchwood (Which is new for me, and I only watch it for Jack) or If you will be strictly sticking to the Doctor himself.


-Adam Walling

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Hi Adam, and welcome to the forums!

Mike and I haven't really decided whether or not the spinoffs are going to be covered. As it stands, we have the schedule covered through 2013, so it'll be a while before we have to make any kind of a decision. ^_^

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Thanks for the warm welcome :D While I consider myself a geek, read some comics, mainly DC (Big Superman fan, Green Lantern, Batman, and Red Robin are also in the pull box, only Daredevil and Captain America for Marvel) I am more into the sci-fi/thriller genre. As I said, I am new to podcasts, and since their seem to many in the Earth-2 network, and I see the main one is approaching the 400's I suppose I better get crackin' ;)

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